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Make more people enjoy power of technologies!
We will provide information systems mostly in Asia and Africa to make more people able to utilize the latest technologies.

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Dec 2020 コンゴ民主共和国の母子保健センターで当社の情報・決済プラットフォームシステムを使用した産前検診のデモンストレーションを行いました(実施:株式会社SOIK

Dec 2020 Demonstration of antenatal examination using our information and payment platform system at the Maternal and Child Health Center of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Implementation: SOIK Co., Ltd.)


Midwives use smartphones to verify the identity of pregnant women using non-contact IC cards and face recognition, enter examination data, perform echo examinations, and communicate with remote specialists by sharing echo screens. Not only freeing field staff from complicated and error-prone paperwork, but also this sytem will improve healthcare activities in various aspects such as : Accurate identity verification, accurate examination and data entry by guide display. Automatic detection of abnormal values in the presence of pregnant women, remote specialist advice, sharing information when you visit another hospital by collecting information, visualizing the examination history of pregnant women and the situation of each region, and identifying pregnant women who need follow-up, etc.

参加プロジェクト Projects

日本植物燃料株式会社 Nippon Biodiesel Fuel Co., Ltd. “Agroponto” – Farmers’ Cooperative Platform (いわゆる電子農協、VFM:Virtual Farmers Market) / Digital ID


Our Solutions

情報・金融プラットフォーム Payment and Information
Platform Solution

System structure
Terminal application and IC card
  • クラウドサーバー、モバイル端末と、非接触ICカードなどでシステムを構成
  • 全ての情報を「取引(Transaction)」の形で記録し、サーバーで一元管理
  • 「取引」に取引明細などのテキスト情報、
  • 通信が脆弱・途絶した環境でも動作 –どの国でも調達しやすい機材、技術者でなくても直感的に利用可能な画面デザイン、
  • 多言語、多通貨対応
  • System configuration with cloud server,
    mobile terminal, and contactless IC card
    , etc.
  • All information is recorded in the form of
    “Transaction” and centrally managed by the server.
  • Various information such as text information
    such as transaction details, images, videos can be
    attached to “transaction”
  • Works even in environments where
    communication is weak or interrupted
  • Equipment that is easy to procure in any country,
    screen design that is not required high IT literacy,
    and server centralized management that does not
    require engineers on site, so it can be easily
    introduced  in a short period of time
    regardless of country or region.
  • Multilingual, multicurrency support

製品コンセプト Concept

  • 世の中の大半の業務で多くの時間をかけて行われている3つの処理(1.残高管理と送金・決済 2.本人認証 3.情報の記録)をシンプルな仕組みで完全電子化、一元化し、人々からこの3処理に費やす膨大な時間を解放
  • 電子化と一元化により、今までは時間やコストの壁があって見えなかった・出来なかったことを可能にします
  • 通信や電力の無い場所でも利用できるため場所を選ばず、電子化・一元化の恩恵を全ての人に届けられるようになります
  • The following three processes that take a lot of time in most of the work in the world will be completely digitized and unified with a simple mechanism.- Balance management and remittance / settlementIdentity verificationInformation recording
  • Free people from the enormous amount of time spent on these three processes
  • Digitization and unification make it possible to do things that were previously invisible or impossible due to time and cost barriers.
  • Since it can be used even in places where there is no communication or power, it will be possible to deliver the benefits of digitization and unification to everyone regardless of location.
  • Able to be integrated with other professional systems such as trading, logistics, transportation, mobile money, banking, medical, education, governmental(tax, residents,…), etc.

利用例 Use Cases

  • 電子マネー、電子クーポン、電子チケット
  • 助成金・生活保護給付金の配布
  • 入場セキュリティ、勤怠管理、受講記録
  • 電子カルテ・母子手帳
  • フィールド調査、Eラーニング
  • E-money, E-coupons, E-tickets
  • Distribution of subsidies
  • Admission security, attendance management, attendance record
  • Medical record / Healthcare of mother and child
  • Field Survey / E-learning in the field

会社概要 Information

設立 2020年1月20日 Established on 20 Jan, 2020

代表者 大野 岳夫 CEO Ohno Takeo

事業内容 Our works

English descriptions is after Japanese descriptions.









(1) Planning, research, development, design, manufacture, sales, introduction support, maintenance, leasing, leasing and import / export of computer software, hardware and systems using them, and consulting services related to these

(2) Information collection, analysis, management and processing services using communication networks such as the Internet and electronic technologies, and information provision services

(3) Computer operation guidance

(4) Call center business (call reception / outgoing office work)

(5) Data entry by computer system and consignment of related business processing

(6) Research and development related to information processing

(7) Comprehensive research and investigation on natural science and industrial technologies

(8) Provision of services related to health, medical care, welfare and public health, research and research, human resource development, and consulting services related to them